sábado, maio 19, 2007

Ericsson NRG SDK for Parlay/OSA

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Ericsson NRG SDK for Parlay/OSA
by Edwin van Eck

Want to integrate, for example, MMS, SMS, call control, user location, or user status with your applications? Parlay/OSA provides interfaces for these capabilities, making them easy to use. Ericsson's NRG SDK for Parlay/OSA application development let you create applications for Ericsson's Network Resource Gateway.


Ericsson's comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) for developing Parlay/OSA based applications contains JAVA API sets, a network simulator, a graphical user interface, example applications, and much more. The Parlay simulator – available since 2001– has undergone major improvements and is now known as the Ericsson NRG (Network Resource Gateway) Simulator. In addition to the simulator, the new Ericsson NRG SDK comprises a set of tools, libraries and documentation.


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