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eBooks: The Next Page for iPod?

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eBooks: The Next Page for iPod?

TechNewsWorld - Sherman Oaks,CA,USA

By Vern Seward The idea is a solid one: Use the iPod as the brains that docks with an ePaper based eBook reader. The infrastructure for finding and ...

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Using Your iPod in the Car

informIT - Old Tappan,NY,USA

Although you could pop on your earphones to listen to your iPod while driving, that's not really safe and might even be illegal in your particular locale. ...

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Giant iPhone displays hit Apple and AT&T stores

TECH.BLORGE.com - Sydney,Australia

Not that buying glitzy overpriced toys is a bad thing but I have a bad feeling about the iPhone, an iPod, it is not. I would gladly pick up a touch screen ...

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Kaplan offers iPod SAT test prep via iTunes Store

Playlist - San Francisco,CA,USA

The programs can be accessed using a fifth-generation iPod, and are designed to help high school students practice for their college entrance exams. ...

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Kaplan SAT prep on your iPod

tuaw.com - Santa Monica,CA,USA

These three iPod games (there are three different versions, each covering a different area of the SAT: math prep, reading prep, and writing prep) are ...

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Apple Patent Foretells iPod and iPhone Security

Dark Reading - New York,NY,USA

A patent application published Thursday by the US Patent & Trademark Office suggests that Apple has been developing security features for the iPod and the ...

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SendStation PocketDock AV for iPod

Pocket-lint.co.uk - UK

by Stuart Miles 22 June 2007 - So you've got an iPod video and want to watch your films, music videos, TV shows and of course Megawhat.tv on your television ...

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Fashionology: Jacket with Built-in iPod Controls

Mobile Magazine - USA

It's the Fashionology jacket from iLuv, and as the company's first letter suggests, it's an accessory for the iPod. Just plunk that little MP3 player in a ...

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DLO mix'n'matches iPod FM transmitter and remote control

Reg Hardware - UK

By Tony Smith [More by this author] DLO's TuneStik wwith Remote could be the in-car iPod accessory to top all others. The product combines a dock-on FM ...

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