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Ms. Pac-Man for iPod Review

PlanetaCelular tecnologia e mobilidade

SpeakerCraft's intuitive MODE room-control interface displays iPod ...

HiddenWires - UK

SpeakerCraft is offering the first multi-zone system to show actual iPod song information, including song titles, artists, albums, music genres and user ...

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Ms. Pac-Man for iPod Review

IGN - Brisbane,CA,USA

Namco, which enjoyed a degree of success on the iPod with the original Pac-Man, has added to Apple's itty-bitty library with a go-go edition of Ms. Pac-Man. ...

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Investigation: A Tale of Three Cases (OtterBox iPod Cases User Tested)

Apple Matters - Boston,MA,USA

In terms of hardest core protection, OtterBox's iPod cases completely cover off all my expectations in that department, but really, I wondered, ...

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iLounge Unveils the Free iPod Book 3.0

PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA

But there's only one Free iPod Book, designed to help iPod and iTunes users make the most of Apple's breakthrough digital media hardware and software. ...

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Beyond iTunes: Getting Video to the iPod

LinuxInsider.com - Encino,CA,USA

The iPod's video capabilities are not limited to what you can find on iTunes for two bucks per show. There exists a wide array of software designed to ...

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More on iTunes 7.2 and MP3s

Macworld - San Francisco,CA,USA

Yesterday, I noted that iTunes 7.2 had trouble syncing certain MP3 files to an iPod. It appears that this is a bug. Specifically, if you burn a playlist of ...

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Costco's iPod Adventure

Motley Fool - USA

I recently upgraded to a video iPod from Apple (Nasdaq: APPL). I don't actually have time to watch the darn thing, but it's simply cool to know that if I ...

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