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Review: Nokia N93

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Review: Nokia N93

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16 June 2007, Saturday

The Nokia N93 is a great device, with a few flaws in its design. It has many plus points like wonderful video recording, camera and sufficient internal memory, but has disadvantages like the phone can’t be charged when the headset is plugged in.

My take on Nokia N93


* Fantastic video recording

*Good camera

*TV output


*Adobe pdf reader

*Good size display screen

*Good button size

*Supports .AAC files

*Lots of third party applications can be installed

*Internal memory is sufficient

*Switching between applications/opening folders is relatively fast

*Direct photo uploads to Flickr

*Very Customizable (themes, ringtones, profiles, menu)


The build- Can’t charge the phone and still have the headset plugged in

The rubber which "hides/tucks away" the memory card never seems to EVER sit in place

My initial reaction on receiving this phone was "wow, it is kinda big!" However, overlooking that, I was soon into the user-friendly menu. Thus my review has "officially" begun.

CONTACTS - There is almost a field available for every imaginable bit of contact information. I was impressed by this. I believe that contacts in groups should automatically be removed from the main contacts section. To me it is a bit redundant to be having one contact appearing twice. (Maybe Nokia can look into this) Apart from this, the contacts section seems quite adequate.

MESSAGES - I won’t spend much time here either. You have the "regular" options of text, multimedia and email. I have a few complaints here. Multimedia messages should be at least 500kb rather than maximum 300kb. Due to my ignorance, I am yet to save a message to my SIM card (yes I’ve read the manual, followed directions, still stuck, anyone help please! I have not been personally able to connect to my email from the message folder and I do believe that this is due to a network restriction. Therefore I cannot personally comment. Other users have stated to me it works seamlessly) Lastly, I do believe that Nokia should have a preinstalled folder which can be locked/password protected for messages not to be seen by the general public. This idea has been discussed on the official Nokia UK forum and it seems that plenty of users of the N93 (as well as other models) seem to favour this idea of a preinstalled password protected folder.



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