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What's up with 3G? China Mobile

PlanetaCelular tecnologia e mobilidade

What's up with 3G?

Shanghaiist - Shanghai,China

The restructuring will involve China Mobile developing services for the home-grown TD-SCDMA platform, China Telecom will buy China Unicom's CDMA network in ...

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Profit from China without leaving home

Times Online - UK

The firm makes most of its profits selling batteries for mobile phones. China Mobile, the country's largest telecoms provider, is one of its biggest ...

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The Week in Geek - June 3, 2007

By gallaugh

The firm that killed eBay's Chinese network effect, and which bought out Yahoo's China effort (Yahoo is now part owner) is going public in what will likely be China's biggest Internet IPO yet. Enthusiasm is high for the firm founded by ...

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the mobile bluetooth phone

By difenbaker

The mobile phone bluetooth watch from China Saturday, June 2, 2007 Well the Chinese have done it again. This time ripping off Sony Ericsson's bluetooth watch. Only the idea has been ripped off, no design or name ripoffs. ...

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What's up with 3G? Shanghaiist


You may be wondering when a high speed third generation mobile network (3G) is coming to China. We are jealous of our friends in other countries who can use their cellphones to make video calls, stream music, download podcasts and even ...

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The Big Daddy Of Hot Rocks

By Big Gav(Big Gav)

The case of Darfur, a forbidding piece of sun-parched real estate in the southern part of Sudan, illustrates the new Cold War over oil, where the dramatic rise in China's oil demand to fuel its booming growth has led Beijing to embark ...

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The first time many Chinese use the Internet, is with a mobile

By aldamiz

Yes, the first time many Chinese use the Internet, or take a photo, is with a mobile. This is just one of the conclusions that Dan (partyStrands) and Trevor (aka mobileTrevor) heard during the Nokia Mobile Application Summit that took ...

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