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LG KE850 Prada review: Sophistication made simple

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The Prada phone by LG is among those handhelds that rely solely on touch-based as opposed to stylus-based interface interaction. The famous Apple iPhone surely started the craze over such devices, but the LG KE850, elsewhere known as the Prada phone, is nothing like iPhone. A highly stylish and versatile multimedia device, the Prada branded mobile is a true joy to the eye and represents the true meaning of a fusion between a full-featured mobile phone and a fashion icon. Impressive from the word go, the Prada phone will leave nothing but fascination in everybody around you. Our job is to delve deeper and see if it really has got what it takes to overrun the fashion mobile market by storm.

Prada phone by LG

Key Features:
Exclusive design and slim form factor
Full touch-based Flash user interface
3" TFT display with a WQVGA resolution (400 x 240 pixels)
2 megapixel camera with auto focus
Shoots video in WQVGA resolution
Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP stereo support
microSD memory card slot
Office documents viewer
FM radio
Standard 3.5 mm audio adapter
Main Disadvantages:
No 3G or HSDPA support
Unimpressive battery life
Really basic web browser
Fingerprint magnet
Practical, yet exclusively sophisticated with eyes on stylishness - those are some of the words that might describe the Prada phone. Its full market name in fact is "Prada phone by LG" which in fact means that the Prada comes before LG in this duo. Initially the handset was named "LG Prada phone" but obviously tables have turned in the opposite direction. As far as the LG portfolio is concerned the devices carries the unobtrusive model designation LG KE850. So don't be bewildered as we use all these names throughout our review - we have only one device in mind.

The LG Prada phone is truly unique and thus has no direct competitors. With its touch-based user interface it outranks all current fashion mobiles.

When it comes to product packaging LG already have a tradition of offering their products in high-quality retail packages that are visually attractive as the handsets themselves. The LG Prada phone makes no difference to that rule. The Prada phone retail box is a black cube and the contents are positioned on different levels inside the box.


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