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LiveStation: Microsoft's New Live TV Initiative

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LiveStation: Microsoft's New Live TV Initiative

CrunchGear - Brooklyn,NY,USA

Microsoft LiveStation is kind of a Joost-meets-Orb except that it's live TV (unlike Joost) only and it requires broadcasters to participate (unlike Orb). ...

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Comment on The real Joost killer is Joost itself by Shelley

By Shelley

Your son is a teenager. I would extrapolate from him to the rest of the world when you can do the same with all his behavior. Not everyone has a desperate need to be the center of all innovation. One can watch a play without being on ...

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The real Joost killer is Joost itself

It's real interesting that many of the blogs are playing up Skinkers and Microsoft's new P2P video distribution system as a "Joost killer" or, more humorously, a "Slingbox killer." My Slingbox has a tuner. I don't remember seeing a ...

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Joost Meets Django

By admin

Also thank you Joost, I've been a beta tester for them since last year and I really appreciate their coolness with JoostList. We are currently in touch with their staff regarding an API so videos can be updated instantly. ...

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Embedded Joost Will Change The Market


While Joost is generally now regarded as the leader in the television over internet, the market for watching television on a computer remains limited. Sure it's nice for a lark or good for an occasional break, but as Microsoft has ...

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Comment on When Microsoft's Joost-killer isn't really Microsoft's ...

By broadstuff

Livestation and the Unseemly Rush of the A Listers to bury Joost ... Those nice people from Skinkers (just up the road here in London) have collaborated with Microsoft to build a peer 2 peer approach to getting live TV media onto a PC ...

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