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Motorola to launch ‘RAZR Squared’ first in Korea market

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SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- Motorola( launched of next-generation ‘RAZR Squared' in Korea market for the first time in the global market. As a flagship model for 2007, it features distinctive ‘tandem display’ on the front. It refers to 2.0-inch external screen for crisp picture caller ID and readable texts together with a 2.2-inch internal screen with twice the resolution of the original RAZR.

Under the slogan of 'Slimmer yet stunning' it is made even sharper with 11.9mm thickness saving two millimeters from the original RAZR while still maintaining usability of customers, Motorola claims.

The most distinguishing feature of the RAZR Squared is the tandem display. Conventional clamshell devices perform in a limited fashion when it is closed, but now the RAZR Squared allows users to take advantage of over 10 functionalities when it is still closed with its 2-inch wide external touch screen such as reading text message, navigating multimedia files, navigation and etc. Adopting touch sensor on the external display, it vibrates lightly whenever users touch its menu buttons.

Suggested price is around 500,000(KRW).


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