quinta-feira, julho 26, 2007

Nokia's 3G bombshell

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Nokia has broken the pattern of its classic mobile phone models that it has offered until now to customers with the 7660 device. It features an impressive design, one extremely unusual for a telecom device, but excellent for those who wish to stand out.

Nokia has kept the release of this new handset pretty quiet, although it has high chances of having people talk over it at a pretty large scale after the release. The handset breaks all conventions that mobile phone producers had to respect until now. It leaves aside the candy-bar shape for a rounded, bombshell-looking one.

The mobile phone has the screen placed in the center, with buttons disposed on the left and right of it, while the navigation button is placed under it. It looks incredibly comfortable for using with both hands, just as in the case of an N-Gage phone model. The design is surely going to make this device stand out, as it looks nothing like what we have grown used to in the case of classic models.

When it comes to performances, what these mobile phones seem to pride with is the fact that it packs 3G performances. That is excellent news, but quite disappointing if it proves to be the only thing that it has to offer its user.

Nokia 7660 is 123 grams heavy and has a 65k color screen, although not a very evolved one, from what we can see. Other specifications include an MP3 player and XHTML web browser, for entertainment. Connectivity is available through Bluetooth, whereas all we know about the video camera is that it can capture and send clips of up to 2.5 minutes over the internet.

Nokia 7660 will be available starting with the fourth quarter of this year, although the Finnish company has made few specifications on it. The price that it will be available for has not been revealed yet, but the unusual design is bound to make the cost just as special as the handset's looks.


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