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Samsung P318 to complement Olympics in Beijing

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US Investor Denies Samsung Takeover Rumor

Chosun Ilbo - Seoul,South Korea

"Corporate Raider" Carl Icahn of the US strongly denied rumors on Tuesday that he is preparing to take over Samsung Electronics. Samsung on Friday released ...

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Samsung announces Wi-Fi plasma TVs

TG Daily - USA

By Wolfgang Gruener Ridgefield Park (NJ) - Samsung has introduced two new plasma TVs that are equipped with draft-n (802.11n) connectivity to enable ...

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Samsung TVs are getting popular around the world

- South Korea

At the TV section in Dixons in London, the UK, there are LCD TVs which adopt Samsung Bordeauxs design. Of course, Japanese LCD TVs from Sony and Sharp are ...

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Samsung HT-TXQ120 Full HD upscaling DVD system

AVreview.co.uk - London,England,UK

By Duncan Madden Continuing its trend of design innovation married to ultra reliable technology, Samsung has just unveiled three new members of its home ...

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Major Security Hole In Samsung Linux Drivers

Slashdot - USA

GerbilSoft writes with news of a major security hole in Samsung's proprietary Linux printer drivers. From the Ubuntu Forums: "Just to inform you about a ...

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Telus carries Samsung UpStage as m620

Echoing the steps of its American neighbor Sprint, Canadian cell provider today began carrying the m620 music phone in its stable. Better known as the Samsung UpStage or the F300 Ultra Music, the device includes the characteristic ...

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LG and Samsung - top mobile entertainment phones in the US

By dusanb

Apparently, among owners of LG and Samsung phones in the US, 12% and 11% reported having mobile TV features, respectively, compared with 8% of Motorola owners and 0% for Nokia owners. That's understandable, because among the carriers ...

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Samsung's 10 megapixel S1050 digital camera reviewed

By Jonathan Schlaffer

On a side note, in the next few weeks we will have our own review of the GE E850, which isn't turning out to be so bad in the early tests and at this point I'd have no problem recommending it over Samsung's S1050. ...

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Telus intros Samsung SCH-m620

By Sean Cooper

Filed under: Handsets, Multimedia, Samsung, Telus Mobility, 1xRTT, EV-DO, CDMA. Telus has added the SCH-m620 (known as UpStage on Sprint) to its stable, and with the catch phrase "business in the front, party in the back," Telus is ...

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Samsung P318 to complement Olympics in Beijing

By Rajesh

Samsung spokeswoman Lee Soo-jeong added in a statement: "This is going to be strictly sold and launched to the Chinese market. It's basically a phone to commemorate and celebrate the Beijing Olympics." Samsung has however not revealed ...

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