quarta-feira, agosto 29, 2007

Nokia 6555

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Adding to its attraction, the Nokia 6555 features a QVGA 16 million color internal display - twice as many colors as the human eye can see - for a brilliant, crisp resolution on a large 240 x 320 px screen, making it perfect for viewing photos and videos. The camera featuring a 6x zoom gives even greater versatility and full screen portrait viewfinder so users can be sure they get the right picture every time. The self-portrait function on the camera and video sharing ability ensures that special moments are easily shared with family and friends. From the thin, narrow form factor with smooth lines to the 30 MB user memory (with capacity for microSD expandable memory) and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, the Nokia 6555 sets the standard in its class.

Nokia 6555 Features

Sleek, smooth-back fold design lets you stand out from the crowd when on the move

3G technology provides fast data speeds for browsing, downloads, video sharing and streaming

Natural alignment of the phones from ear to mouth, its large keypad and generously sized scroll keys offer great usability

Elegant analogue timepiece standby display not only assures punctuality but also makes a style statement

Brilliant 16 million color, 2.0-inch main display enriches the media experience through crisp and clear viewing of images, video, applications and games

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