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Games Debut for New iPods

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Gadget Envy: Griffin Journi iPod Dock

Rolling Stone - USA

Who It's For: Business travelers and fashionplates who want their iPod peripherals and audio gear to match their leather briefcases, handbags and iPod cases ...

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Analysts identify iPod Nano rip-off - UK

Analyst firm iSuppli has taken apart the new iPod Nano and found that it gives Apple its biggest gross margins yet. The build costs for the new Nano run to ...

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The Elegant iPod Touch

BusinessWeek - USA

by Stephen H. Wildstrom The new iPod Touch from Apple (AAPL) is in a class by itself. It's like an iPhone, only without the phone. It's a music player, ...

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Games Debut for New iPods

PC World - USA

Apple's iTunes Store now has games available for the iPod nano, classic, and fifth-generation iPod (with video). Apple's iTunes Store now has games ...

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EQUITIES Magazine Available On Apple iPhone and iPod touch - USA

"This makes Texterity the first digital magazine interface allowing users to read full magazine content on the iPhone and the iPod touch. ...

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Mossberg reviews the iPod touch (he likes it) - Santa Monica,CA,USA

Luckily for Apple Walt tends to love their stuff, and the iPod touch is no exception. The iPod touch gets high praise for its iPod functionality, ...

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iPod Touch to debut in RP in October - Philippines

By Erwin Oliva MAKATI CITY, Philippines -- The new iPod touch will make its debut in the Philippines in October, an Apple executive said. ...

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Review: Archos 605 WiFi Doesn't Impress

The Associated Press -

It's still too clunky -- with an overabundance of buttons and a difficult-to-navigate interface -- to take the place of a standard video iPod from Apple Inc. ...

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Is Your iPod Feeling Old Today?

Washington Post - United States

When I went shopping for an iPod nano last November, I thought at the time that it would be a mistake to go for the top-of-the-line, 8-gigabyte model--why ...

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Apple fesses up to faulty iPod touch screens

By Donald Melanson

It looks like those complaining of problems with the iPod touch's screen weren't seeing things, as Apple has now reportedly confirmed that at least some early units did indeed ship with defective screens. That bit of news comes at the ...

Engadget -

Mossberg: iPod touch pleasing, but hampered

Famed columnist Walt Mossberg has put the iPod touch through its paces, delivering a mixed review. He praises some aspects of the new device, mainly its attractive namesake interface, which replicates that of the iPhone while offering ...

MacNN The Macintosh News Network -

iPod touch Passes Gentle Scratch Test

By Charlie White

Look out, iPod touch! There comes a scratch test with a safety pin, a car key and then even a razor blade. But this tester doesn't seem too hell-bent on damaging his precious touch. Would a jackhammer scratch it? How about a blowtorch? ...

Gizmodo: iPod - - Finds and Delivers Music to Your iPod

By Siri

This crafty, yet potentially legally questionable app actually lets you capture music from online music stations and transfer it right into your iPod or any other portable player. All you've got to do is enter the type of music you want ... - all -

iPhone & iPod: contain or disengage?

By Wil Shipley(Wil Shipley)

But with the iPod Touch, what's Apple's excuse for locking up the platform? Why can'tI write programs for this device? Who might it hurt? Why is Steve announcing that he's playing cat-and-mouse with developers who intend to do so? ...

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