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The Google Phone may introduce free cell phone service

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New 911 System in Sherman: Cell Phone Tracking

KTEN - Denison,TX,USA

When you're out and you run into trouble, a cell phone can act as a safety tool. But emergency response dispatchers struggle with cell phone contact in ...

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The Google Phone may introduce free cell phone service - Sydney,Australia

For right now we can suspect that Google is on a mission to revolutionize the cell phone industry to be a lot more like the Internet. Don't believe me? ...

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New emergency notification system will soon be available for cell ...

San Diego Union Tribune - United States

... cell phones or other special lines. Mayor Jerry Sanders unveiled the system - which will advise residents of potential disasters through automated phone ...

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Note to Congress: Kill the cell phone switch fee

Newsday - Long Island,NY,USA

Now that all sounds silly if you've never had a cell phone. But if you've ever signed a contract with a cell phone company, you know what I'm talking about. ...

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The truth about 'no cell zones'


Are you one of those people who ignore the signs in hospitals telling you to turn off your cell phone? You're not alone. As I walk through my hospital, ...

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Segan: Steve Jobs Must Hate the Cell-Phone Industry

FOX News - USA

Demonstrating the iPod touch, Steve played Beck's song "Cellphone's Dead" -- really, Steve? -- and pointed out that the iPod touch's Wi-Fi "is not only faster ...

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Cell Phones in Hospitals: Bad Rx


A new Dutch study on mobile phone signals finds that using a cell phone in restricted areas, such as hospitals, can be dangerous. ...

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How to Erase and Donate Your Old Cell Phone

By Rick Broida

It's pretty common practice these days to upgrade your cell phone every year or two. Okay, but what do you do with the old model? shows you how to erase all the private, personal data from your phone, ...

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HP deepens push into cell-phone market

By Catherine

"SAN JOSE - Hewlett-Packard Co. unveiled two new cell phones Wednesday, pushing deeper into the lucrative cell phone arena and broadening the array of equipment it can sell to large companies." link: HP deepens push into cell-phone ...

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Ten "Stupid" Cell Phone Tricks

By Amazon Current

5) Calculator: This is probably a no-brainer, but how many times have you struggled over a complex restaurant tab while your cell phone slept innocently in your pocket? It's the calculator you carry with you all the time. ...

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Light Charms replace Cell Phone Rings

By Chief Gadgeteer

Replace your cell phone's ringtone or vibration mode with a light charm that flashes when your phone 'rings'. Perfect for noisy places or where cell phone rings just aren't welcome. For only $12, you can get either the mini lightbulb or ...

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So it wasn't cell phone use - Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

By Keith Combs

If you weren't aware, there's a fascinating but really bad problem occurring in the US. Roughly 25% of the honey bees in America died. This creates a serious problem for agriculture and the after effects will hit us very soon. ...

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