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Verizon Wireless Packs Features In 'Gleam' Cell Phone

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The Rise Of The Affinity Cell Phone

BusinessWeek - USA

To serial entrepreneur Juha Christensen, US mobile-phone customers seem strangely neglected. Every year, 80 million or more dissatisfied subscribers switch ...

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Verizon Wireless Packs Features In 'Gleam' Cell Phone

InformationWeek - Manhasset,NY,USA

By Elena Malykhina Verizon Wireless and Samsung on Friday introduced a thin clamshell cell phone called Gleam that's designed to keep mobile users ...

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Burger King inks deal for cell-phone games

MarketWatch - USA

... a division of the Index Group, to create downloadable cell phone games featuring Burger King branded content, including its King character. ...

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Q: Discharging Cell Phone Myths

NBC5i.com - Fort Worth,TX,USA

Chances are you've heard one or many of these cell phone myths. We're here to clear the airwaves of the falsehoods and discharge the many silly stories. ...

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Cell Phone Seafood Help

WRAL.com - Raleigh,NC,USA

The marine conservation group Blue Ocean Institute has launched a cell phone-based service to send you text messages with the information you need to make ...

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Rudy Giuliani calls his cell phone snafoo "frivolous"

ConnieTalk - Cleveland,Ohio,USA

... wouldn't have been able to handle September 11," Rudy Giuliani told the New York Post about his recent cell phone answering snafoo at an NRA conference. ...

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Man found guilty in murder over cell phone

Annapolis Capital - Annapolis,MD,USA

A 19-year-old man who police said fatally shot another man over a cell phone was found guilty of murder and a handgun violation today. ...

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Dialing 911 from your cell phone

KOKI FOX 23 - Tulsa,OK,USA

October 5 - Calling 911 from your cell phone doesn't always mean you'll get the emergency help you need. But the city is changing that. ...

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Save Money by Only Using a Cell Phone


Make sure you get consistent cell phone reception in your home and other places where you spend most of your time, he said. Many homes have inexplicable dead zones that can appear within a few steps of one another. ...

Free Money Finance - http://www.freemoneyfinance.com/

Burger King developing downloadable cell phone games

By Nancy Luna

Today Burger King announced a plan to work with a Seattle technology firm to create downloadable cell phone games featuring branded Burger King content such as the chain's "King" mascot. bk-king.jpg ...

Fast Food Maven - http://fastfood.freedomblogging.com

Tech Enquirer: Cell Phone Bills Oh My!

By Lynette

I'm probably the only geek in this world that doesn't have the coolest, biggest, baddest cell phone. Then again, I don't have the biggest and baddest cell phone bill either! This is what happens when you cross a geek with a scrooge. ...

Marketing Automation and Technology - http://www.techbasedmarketing.com/blog

Six Ticks till Midnight: One Plausible Journey from Here to a ...

By Jonas

Consumers cannot seem to live without this feature because it prevents information loss if the phone is stolen and, better yet, now that phones can be tied to specific owners, consumers are able to use the cell phone to pay for goods ...

Jeff Jonas - http://jeffjonas.typepad.com/jeff_jonas/

Is there an expert in cell phone technology I can ask some questions?

I am looking for someone who is knowledgeable in cell phone technology. I have a few questions to ask. If you know someone or you are that person, please refer or contact me through here. Thanks. Ben.

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