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Gadget Envy: on Your Cellphone

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Gadget Envy: on Your Cellphone

Rolling Stone - USA

What It Is: Pandora, the intelligent custom radio station service, on your cell phone. Pandora uses real human musicologists to pick out common patterns in ...

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The Cell Phone Three Horse Race - Google vs. Symbian vs. MS Mobile


The days of the "safe phone" have come and gone; essentially every mobile handset has its share of security vulnerabilities today. The advantages of mobile ...

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Cell Phone Outage Affects Thousands Of Customers - Omaha,NE,USA

A faulty fiber-optic line could be to blame for the inability of thousands of Nebraska cell phone customers to connect Friday. Alltel cellular said the ...

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Wireless Gets Good Reception - USA

Analysts say the device is boosting demand for premium smart phones, which account for just 10% of cell phone unit sales now. Google's GOOG entry into ...

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Cell phone lot, spa await fliers, those who wait at MSP

Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) - Minneapolis,MN,USA

... the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport plans to turn on the charm with a spa for travelers and a "cell phone lot" for their drivers. ...

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Google makes belated jump into cell phone operating system fray

Jackson Clarion Ledger - Jackson,MS,USA

And since just about everybody I know has a cell phone, there is a lot of market potential. But the Android platform has to be enticing enough to make ...

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Cell phone reveals sex encounter

Superior Telegram - Superior,MN,USA

A cell phone identified as the girl's was found in the truck, according to the complaint. Several photos on the phone showed the 14-year-old kissing ...

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America Movil: Ecuador moves to cancel firm's cell phone concession

International Herald Tribune - France

AP MEXICO CITY: Mexico's America Movil SA, the largest provider of cell phone and wireless services in Latin America, said Friday that authorities in ...

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HPD arrests 'serial' burglar for cell phone thefts

Houston Chronicle - United States

Police have arrested and charged a man allegedly responsible for stealing more than $100000 worth of merchandise from several west Houston cell phone ...

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County board backs cell phone surcharge - MI,USA

... counties may levy, Administrator/Controller David Benda said. He said more than half of Midland County's emergency 911 calls originate from cell phones. v.

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Free Cell Phone Number Directories? Fact Or Fiction? Find Out Now

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA

You may have heard that there is going to be a cell phone directory and if you don't opt out, your number will be published. You may have also heard that ...

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Sprint, cable companies pulling back on cell phone joint venture

Kansas City Star - MO,USA

"By giving consumers more access to information, entertainment and data from their cell phone, we will create more loyal customers and we'll further drive ...

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Cell phone jammers raise question: who controls the airwaves? - Evergreen,VA,USA

When you turn it on and slip it in your pocket, the cell phone jammer blocks cell signals within 30 feet. The jamming technology is not new, ...

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Damn this gadget of abuse - the cellphone

The Swazi Observer - Mbabane,Swaziland

The cellphone has never been a gadget of goodwill despite its prevalence in the societal circles. When it came, it was paraded as an instrument of prestige, ...

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As phones get more sophisticated, mobile security threats continue to target unsuspecting cell phone owners. Many have questioned the extent that cell ...

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Receive emails on your cell phone via text messaging

By Neil Woodburn

This free service plucks emails from your email account and sends them via text messaging to your cell phone. This is perfect for those of you who haven't yet purchased one of those pricey smart phones. In fact, this is out-smarting the ...

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Cell Phone Ringers

By LeBlanc

It amuses me when I think about the ring tones The School Girl and I have for each other when we call the other person's cell. When I call her it plays Blue Oyster Cult's "Burnin' For You". That's cute, right? When she calls me my phone ...

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Cell phone applications

By admin

Using cell phones for entertainment or learning is quick, efficient and enjoyable – no wonder cell phone applications are some of the hottest purchases in the industry. Find out more by reading the following article: Mobile ...

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Why Are Cell Phone Ringtones So Popular?

By zuffren(zuffren)

Although there always seem to be a number of people who claim that cell phone ringtones blaring music is annoying and extremely distracting, they have quickly become a multi-billion dollar industry that stretches throughout the entire ...

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Big Brother Is Listening to Your Cell Phone Calls


Global Positioning System (GPS) chips, the same technology used in many new cars to help drivers navigate unknown territory, track a cell phone's every movement in real time. Such technology is marketed to parents as a tool for keeping ...

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Cell Phone Jammers

By Rick Klaw

Weekend Edition Saturday, November 10, 2007 · These days, rampant cell phone use means people are forced to listen to other's personal conversations. Some people are resorting to cell phone jammers, even though they are illegal. ...

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By bt

Send Instant Remote Kisses with the Curious Kiss Cell Phone] Looking same an apprehensive and kinda disturbing seeing of whatever category of Fisher Price behave and a peculiar sexed aid, the Kiss Cell Phone construct from Pro Invention ...

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Cell Phone Games Interactive With Live Television (Part 1 of 2)

By (Phil Leigh)

If you would like to learn how to watch a live NFL game and simultaneously play a game on your cell phone with other viewers enabling you to speculate about the next football play, this interview is for you. (Part 1 of 2) ...

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Britney runs red light while on cell phone

By Hot Momma

Britney came to the light slowly on Coldwater Canyon while simultaneously raising a cellphone to her face. She then drove into the intersection as someone (likely a photographer) outside the car screams, "Red light, red light! ...

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PCMag Radio: Google Releases Cell Phone Platform

Will Google dominate the cell phone market? Plus, our readers tell us they love the iPhone, dislike Palm and like both the iPod and the Zune.

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