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TG Sambo's new intelligent navigation 'FAVICON'

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TG Sambo's new intelligent navigation 'FAVICON'
[ Rose Kim 2007-12-12 ]

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- TG Sambo announced the launch of its new navigation ‘FAVICON' under partnership with Freesat, Korean navigation specialist and TG Sambo’s sister company.

The FAVICON supports Terrestrial dual DMB channel and supports BIFS (Binary Format for Scenes), which enable users to view latest traffic information as well as TV program simultaneously. With built-in battery, it doesn’t need extra power supply at ordinary times except long-stance trip. It is compatible with car stereo speaker and has dual SD card slot, so users can enjoy various multimedia content in the car with stereo sound. Meanwhile, it also has a function for drivers to test levels of intoxication and offers several ports that can be used to connect other external devices like DVD player or rear-view camera.

The FAVICON comes in four different lineups depending on price and specifications. And the high-end model has OLED display that delivers headline news and traffic information in real time.


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