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LG to announce Korea's first eco-friendly residential hybrid air conditioner

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LG to announce Korea's first eco-friendly residential hybrid air conditioner
[ Joshua 2010-06-16 ]

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- LG Electronics announced Korea's first eco-friendly residential hybrid air conditioner that utilizes solar energy as part of its power supply.

By combining power generated through the solar cell module attached to the top of the outdoor unit, this 28,000BTU (76 square meter) standing-style air conditioner (model F-Q232LASS) can produce up to 70 watts of power per hour, providing enough energy to run the unit's air purification process 1).

As a clean, renewable energy source, solar power is drawing ever-more interest both from the environmentally conscious and average consumers looking to make long-term savings in their energy bills. Not only does F-Q232LASS offer big savings in electricity costs, it is also environmentally-friendly. LG's hybrid air conditioner helps reduce approximately 212 kg of carbon dioxide over 10 years, equivalent to growing 780 pine trees over the same period.

"This new solar cell hybrid air conditioner combines LG's outstanding technologies cultivated over the years through our expertise in both energy efficiency and air conditioning know-how." Said Hwan-yong Nho, CEO of LG Electronics Air Conditioning Company. "With this newest development, LG is taking a leap forward as the world's number one provider of eco-friendly energy solutions."

Global News Network 'AVING'
by Joshua ( www.aving.net)

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