sábado, agosto 20, 2011

HTC EVO 3D vs. Samsung Galaxy S 2

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The Samsung Galaxy S 2, the reigning champ in our series of dual-core smartphone comparisons, lacks the higher resolution screen and 3D capability of the HTC EVO 3D. In this video we compare both devices in terms of boot up speed, RAM, benchmarks, web browsing, gaming, and more.

In terms of specs, the EVO 3D is rocking a 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU with 1GB of RAM. It has a qHD 960x540 4.3" 3D display. There are two 5MP camera on the rear for recording 3D and HD video. It's running on Android 2.3 and has a 1730mAh battery.

The Galaxy S II is running with Samsung's Exynos CPU clocking in at 1.2GHz. It also has a full 1GB of RAM, but adds more storage at 16GB or 32GB. Its screen is 4.3" and WVGA 800x480 resolution. The rear camera can take photos at 1080p and can take 8MP photos. The battery is 1650mAh

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