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How to use my NOKIA 3650 as a GPRS m...

PlanetaCelular tecnologia e mobilidade

How to use my NOKIA 3650 as a GPRS m... - Mumbai,India

How to use my NOKIA 3650 as a GPRS modem for my IBM R51 Thinkpad to enjoy wireless internet browsing on my laptop? Is there anything I need to ask from my ...

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Nokia to battle the iPhone

Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA

Fortune reports that Nokia is developing a new mobile music service to counter Apple's upcoming launch of the iPhone in Europe. ...

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Phone2GEarth for Nokia Series 60

Mobile Gadget News - USA

Phone2Gearth is an easy Nokia Series 60 GPS aplication that allows to log tracks which are directly saved as Google Earth KML files.

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Now, Nokia Is Planting Hay

Wall Street Journal - USA

Recently, the appraiser drove up to an assembly plant owned by Nokia Corp., the Finnish telecommunications company. "Oh, man, you're kidding me," he said, ...

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Top 100 global brands worth $1.15 trillion

Business Standard - India

Coca-Cola is followed by Microsoft, IBM, GE, Nokia, Intel, Toyota, McDonald's, Disney and Mercedes-Benz in the top ten.

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Nokia E90 Communicator Smartphone Review

TechShout! - Mumbai,India

And the latest one to join the bandwagon is the Nokia E90 smartphone. But hey this is not just any ordinary mobile device, but a smartphone as it ...

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Emirates Computers launches Nokia's N800 Internet Tablet in the ...

AME Info (press release) - United Arab Emirates

Emirates Computers today announced the launch of the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet in the UAE. The sleek, widescreen Nokia N800 Internet Tablet combines ...

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Nokia E65 coming in pink and plum

By dusanb

Unfortunately, the E65 in pink and plum will be available only in Europe, though you can always import them... --- Related Articles at IntoMobile:. Fake Nokia ESeries "Hello Kitty" phones; Nokia E65; Red Nokia E65; Nokia E61i and E65: ...

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Nokia acquires Twango, gets deeper into media sharing

By Brian White

Nokia is once again shouting that it wants to be a major player in the mobile media sharing arena by acquiring Twango. If you're big into sharing pictures, video and other digital garb, you may know Twango (founded by former Microsoft ...

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Another unnamed Nokia hits FCC with American 3G

By Chris Ziegler

It should -- it bears an uncanny resemblance to that of the RM-289, another unidentified Nokia handset that graced the FCC's hallowed halls not long ago -- but this is something entirely different. Like the RM-289, the RM-276 features ...

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PatentMonkey: Nokia's Karaoke Ring Tones

By Cory Sorice

This week Nokia received a patent for more than just mere ringtones, but ringtones that can be modified with a secondary tone, or what they call "compound ring tones". Oh yes, get all your friends to record singing to your favorite song ...

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For Sale: Nokia N95 - -$300,8Gb Apple Iphone - -$250,DVF Sidekick ...

By twills

We deals on all brands and models of mobile phones such as Nokia,Motorola,Samsung,Sony Ericsson,Sagem, Nextel,Sidekick II,Sprint,Iphone, Mp3 players and many more at very cheap prices.We are using this medium to look for buyers of ...

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iPhone-like virtual keyboard for Nokia N800

By dusanb

In case you thought Apple's virtual keyboard is better than the one installed on Nokia N800, here's your chance to give it a try. Guys behind the "Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri" blog, made the Python application which mimics iPhone's virtual ...

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HOWTO: The Nokia E61i as a modem via Bluetooth in Ubuntu on 3

By byte

Right upon there, I hit a bit of a snag, but my trusty LUG list pointed me to Using T-Mobile Nokia E65 as a Bluetooth modem guide. Using the gprs, gprs-connect-chat, and gprs-disconnect-chat from that website, I was able to use my phone ...

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Nokia Wins With Wide-Angle Vision

By Maximus(Maximus)

Such a wide view of the world, says Vanjoki, doesn't hurt Nokia's focus. Mobile-phones becoming mobile computers, cameras, and entertainment portals is driven by customer wants and needs, he says, not by a corporate mission. ...

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