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Review THINKWARE Navigation 'I-NAVI G1'

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[Review] THINKWARE Navigation 'I-NAVI G1'

[ Jason Lee 2007-08-14 ]

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- The most prominent features of Korean navigation market in 2007 are wide range of multi-tasking, change of resolution of LCD to 800 x 480 pixel and brighter screen. With this trend being more prevalent among navigation devices, G1 of I-NAVI is suitable for multimedia and navigation environment with AU1200 CPU chipset from RMI mounted. Especially it shows the different features of navigation with geomagnetic sensor. Let’s take a close look in the review.

Geomagnetic sensor?
G-Sensor(Geomagnetic sensor: 3 axis sensor detecting absolute direction of north pole and heading direction of automobile) and Gravity Sensor(3 axis sensor sensing motion by using vector of X, Y, Z) combined with I-NAVI map and map matching engine are more accurate and faster than the navigation products relying on GPS antenna. Therefore there’s neither a distortion of direction in underground passage, overpass, slowdown area and multi-pass area nor losing of GPS signals. This technology is the first to be realized by I-NAVI and this is very unique idea.


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