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MySpace Comes to T-Mobile Sidekick

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T-Mobile Sidekick 3 / T-Mobile Sidekick iD

T-Mobile Sidekick 3 T-Mobile Sidekick iD
T-Mobile and MySpace today announced MySpace Mobile for the T-Mobile Sidekick, designed to deliver the MySpace experience to Sidekick users.

MySpace Mobile is made possible on the T-Mobile Sidekick through two components. The first component is the client software, being made available for download in a staged rollout to the T-Mobile Sidekick user base throughout the next several weeks. The second component is the service that powers the application. Danger has created a private interconnection to MySpace, whereby each user can access all of his or her account data and interact with friends in real-time. Additional MySpace Mobile features include:

Customized User Interface (UI)

The new service has pertinent information including new messages, friend requests and comments located in one easy-to-navigate home screen. To use other aspects of the service, users simply navigate through the four main sections of the application: Home, MyMail, Blog and Search. The Sidekick's directional pad allows users to jump easily from each activity without waiting for a page to load.

Real-time Updates

MySpace Mobile users can stay signed in to MySpace even when they are on the go with their T-Mobile Sidekick. Real-time features include:

- Profile editing, which allows users to edit their MySpace profile directly from the MySpace application, quickly and easily, wherever they are. Profile updates are immediately reflected on the MySpace Web site.

- Optimized photo management, which empowers users to - with the click of a button - upload photos with captions from their T-Mobile Sidekick photo galleries, directly to MySpace.

- Full-featured MySpace messaging, including push content and notifications powered by the Danger service. The service automatically pushes content, such as new friend requests or new messages, to the end user, meaning that users are notified of new MySpace activity even when they are using other T-Mobile Sidekick applications. This changes the interaction paradigm from request/ response (as it is via the browser today) to real-time, push messaging.

- The application will provide "Online Now" status for a user's friends who are online, further advancing the "always-on" model.

- Users can read, reply to or post comments to the profiles and photos of friends, as well as read and reply to comments on their own profiles.

This week, T-Mobile will begin a multi-week rollout of the new application to T-Mobile Sidekick users. T-Mobile customers can access and subscribe to the service through the Download Catalog. The new service will be available to all Sidekick 3 and Sidekick iD users by the end of October.

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