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European Research Integrated Project E2r Ii to be Showcased at 1st Mobile and Wireless Summit 07

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European Research Integrated Project E2r Ii to be Showcased at 1st Mobile and Wireless Summit 07

European-Funded Research End-To-End Reconfigurability (E2R) Integrated Programme to Discuss Achievements And Impact

PARIS, France, 29 June 2007 – Motorola Labs’ European Communications Research announced today that European Integrated Project “End-to-End Reconfigurability” (E2R II) ( will be showcased at the IST Mobile and Wireless Summit 07 from 1st to 5th of July 2007 in Budapest (

With the potential to revolutionize wireless just as the PC revolutionized computing, E2R II is partly funded by the European Commission and led by Motorola. Bringing together key players in the domain of reconfigurability, software defined radio (SDR), and cognitive radio systems (CRS), E2R II is seen by the wireless industry as a core technology to enable the full potential of beyond 3G systems. Key achievements will be showcased during the forthcoming IST Summit conference through 8 demonstrations, 21 papers presentations and posters and 1 tutorial.

E2R II Project Impact Building on the success of the first phase, E2R II is developing, demonstrating and validating technologies that enable a true seamless experience based on reconfigurable heterogeneous systems. The project is pursuing research into the most promising directions towards removing walls (current technical and regulatory limitations) and building bridges (technical) in order to facilitate the vision of true end-to-end connectivity. Some of the key E2R II research achievements include:

Unified Business Model and Responsibility Chain,

End-to-End Reconfigurability System Architecture and Self-ware Reconfiguration Management Plane,

Flexible Spectrum Management / Dynamic Spectrum Allocation solution from technical,
regulatory and business perspectives,

Functional Architecture and inherent solutions for optimized exploitation of spectrum and radio resources, encompassing Dynamic Network Planning and Management, Advanced Spectrum

Management and Joint Radio Resource Management in the context of reconfigurable/cognitive B3G infrastructures,

Reconfigurable Equipment Platform Independent Model, Equipment Management and Control Architecture and Reconfigurable Equipment Management System,

Cognitive Pilot Channel,

Reconfiguration Language, Functional Description Language.

The project is actively contributing to the introduction of concepts and solutions in the standardization arena (e.g. IEEE P1900.4, ETSI, OMG, OMA, ITU...).

E2R II at IST Mobile and Wireless Summit

For the fourth consecutive year, E2R II will provide important, high quality contributions to the IST Mobile and Wireless Summit. The E2R II booth will include eight demonstrations of all the essential technologies for reconfigurable/cognitive wireless networks and systems. Specifically, the E2R II booth will exhibit:

Reconfigurable components and systems: Optimal data (video) transfers through transparent reconfigurations of OFDM-based Radio Access Technologies, running on FPGA platforms (FAUST boards) and multi-core SoCs encompassing GPPs, ASIPs and DSPs,

Reconfigurable protection of terminals: Security mechanisms able to be adapted to match variations in the security context, like a change of access network,

Reconfigurable network elements: Flexible Base Stations capable of dynamically altering the
Radio Access Technologies and spectrum they operate,

Management of reconfigurable network elements and segments: Optimal planning and policy-based management of heterogeneous B3G (HSDPA, WiMAX, WiFi) network infrastructures,

Management of reconfigurable terminals: Terminal devices exploiting heterogeneous B3G (2.5G, HSDPA, WiMAX, WiFi) infrastructures,

Proof of concept on the E2R II System Architecture and Self-ware Reconfiguration Management Plane,

Efficient control and implementation of reconfigurations: Handovers, load balancing, multi-homing mechanisms, in heterogeneous wireless access infrastructures, by exploiting Stream Control Transmission Protocol mechanisms,

Reconfiguration enablers: Prototype implementation of Cognitive Pilot Channel concept.


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